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Modular Fenced Garden Kits


The newest member to the Rock Solid Creation’s lineup is the “Modular Fenced Garden Kits”. These flexible commercial grade kits are based with the signature Rock Solid garden beds that use 1 ½” thick #1 grade cedar lumber, premium hardware, protective galvanized mesh bottom, and top-quality craftsmanship to ensure a solid foundation. Next, we add cedar fence posts, a cedar top cap, galvanized fencing, and a gate to provide you with a top quality, self-contained enclosed garden like no other available in the market place.  These kits will ensure your garden is protected from deer, dogs, rabbits, and other garden intruders.

Flexibility is the key to this Rock Solid creation. We offer a variety of sizes to fit your needs. All kits are available in 16 ½” deep or 22” deep raised garden beds. Custom designs are also an option.

 It is all about providing you, what you need.


**Displayed Garden kit is the popular Basic XL Garden kit with 22" deep garden beds**

The Modular Fenced Garden Kits offer awesome flexibility as well as protection 

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